Main tasks

Main Tasks

  • Obtaining sources of up-to-date intelligence on the major areas of activities, recruitment of sources;
  • Development and use of proprietary special equipment and systems in support of its operations and for communication purposes, use of special intelligence gathering tools outside and within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, subject to terms, conditions and procedures laid down by the Special Intelligence Means Act;
  • Assessment and analysis of the intelligence, obtained by way of specific methods and means, as well as of the information from open sources;
  • Exchange of information and analysis with partner services and within the intelligence communities of the EU and NATO;
  • Preparation of reports and analyses for the state leadership and the other customers of SIA;
  • Selection of applicants for positions within the Agency and to background checking to ascertain their integrity and suitability for handling classified information;
  • Ensuring the safety of the diplomatic representations of the Republic of Bulgaria abroad – protection and physical security; technical security; personnel protection; information security and measures preventing unregulated access to classified information;
  • Creation and organization of a proprietary operational archive, automated information system and proprietary cryptographic keys tools and systems for the protection of information;
  • Protection of classified information collected, processed and stored by the Agency against unauthorized access, and protection of official correspondence;
  • Protection of officers and facilities allocated to the Agency for, or in connection with, its operation;
  • Coordination of the information exchange and interaction with other government authorities from the national security system in fulfillment of its tasks.